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The CSA Greenpatch Blundstone

The CSA Greenpatch Blundstone

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The CSA Greenpatch

People tell us that our Blundstone CSA work boot is the lightest work boot they’ve ever worn. Pretty incredible when you consider that these rugged boots are more durable than most heavy clunkers. All-day comfort even on concrete. Pull-on, kick-off laceless convenience. These work overtime.

At Blundstone, safety is part of our heritage. All of our safety footwear comes with steel toe caps, but that’s just the beginning. Additional safety features are available on selected styles, designed to provide optimum protection against impact and penetration, plus resistance to cuts, chemicals, heat, electrical hazards, rolling forces, and other foreign stimulus. Since 1870, we have proven that nothing is more beautiful than a pair of boots that keep you safe.

Blundstone 162 - The Greenpatch in Brown

Blundstone 162, the Greenpatch in Brown. Blundstone steel toe CSA safety and all-day comfort. Unisex Blundstone sizing.