Lola Jeans


Lola Jeans are crafted for women of all shapes and sizes, ages, and styles. Their innovative 4-way stretch fabric and 360-degrees cross-weave technology guarantee an impeccable fit! These high-performance jeans will never sag, bag or lose their shape! Make sure your Lola Jeans fit snug - Rule of Thumb: If you can sit down and breathe, you are good to go. 


“Most jean styles are born out of a fashion trend or modern innovation. Our signature Pull On Jean was born as a reaction to what wasn’t being offered. The design behind the Pull On Jean is intended to encourage the acceptance and celebration of a woman’s body, as it is. This fit became the basis of who we are today, setting the standards by which our customers have come to expect from us.”


Embrace Your Curves, Beauty is Not Defined by The Size of Your Jeans.