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One of the leading jewelry stores in Montreal that offer you versatile and multiple fashion jewelry collections in infinite design options. Co-creators of jewelry Caracol, Eve and Patricia Chagnon share the same values ​​of simplicity, authenticity and responsibility that they infuse into their jewelry collection. 

The originality and beauty of the Caracol collections are expressed in the diversity of natural materials such as wood, shell, leather and metals with touches of gold and silver. These unique designs are developed in a neutral version or offered in a variety of colors. Caracol, is to aspire to the perfect agreement between the materials, the color and the forms to offer jewels to the unique, contemporary and authentic aesthetic.

Each year, Caracol donates hundreds of jewelry items to organizations that work to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged women and girls. The jewels are sold during fundraising campaigns. The proceeds from these sales are then used in reintegration, research, education, support and literacy programs.

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