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About Us

Nine Waves is a Modern, European-Inspired Clothing, Footwear & Jewellery Store located in Lucknow & Kincardine, Ontario - and now available to everyone online! Many of our brands are exclusive to us in Canada, from fashion houses in Denmark. Along with our exclusive brands, we also carry various mainstream brands to provide the ultimate selection for the quality/price-minded consumer. Our unique collections range from casual, formal, active and outdoor for Men, Women & a bit for Kids! We truly do cater to all types of curves, ages & styles and love providing you with fun & unique pieces every season!




The name, Nine Waves originates from Scandinavian mythology and is often referred to as the Nine Sisters of the Ocean, who gave birth to the god Heimdall (old Norse Heimdallr). Heimdall is the guardian of the rainbow bridge “Bitfrost” which is the only path connecting Asgard (the home of the Gods) and Midgard (the home of man) in Norse mythology. Because of the owner's Scandinavian background - she found this to be an intriguing story that fit her store's vision.



The owner of Nine Waves, Helene Jakobsen, came from Denmark in 2003 with her husband and three children. Nine Waves started on the main street in Lucknow, Ontario in a small retail location in 2005. Since then, the Lucknow location has moved to a much larger location on Highway 86, and in 2008 another location was added on Queen Street in Kincardine, Ontario. We are so excited to now have the opportunity to reach our customers across the country through our new website.

We look forward to serving you!



Helene, her husband Morten, their 3 Kids; Lasse, Peter, and Laura (along with their dog Kadie).